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Business Analytics:  Business planning through proven data and statistical methods.


Forecasting & Budgeting:  Development of short term budgets and long term forecasts based on established targets, historical trends and projected results.


Interim Executive Management:  Leadership of an organization during a transition, change or crisis.

Need Assessments:  Documentation of an organization’s structure, systems, or processes so that the information obtained can be used to set priorities, develop a plan, and improve overall performance.


Policy and Procedure Development:  Development of principles, rules and guidelines with specific methods of employment that result in outcomes consistent with the organization’s goals and objectives and meet industry standards for internal control.


Process Improvement: Development of operational plans that close process or system performance gaps through streamlining and cycle time reduction, and identification and elimination of causes that contribute to poor quality, process variation, and non-value added activities.


Project Management: Development of plans and coordination of project activities that result in the successful completion of project goals and objectives


Resource & Capacity Planning: Management and analysis of an organization’s human and non human resources in a way that ensures integration and maximizes performance.


Strategic Planning:  Development of long-term plans that ensure the business is appropriately positioned given its capabilities and markets and to provide a framework for the development of tactical plans to achieve desired results.


Systems Selection and Implementation:   Evaluation, selection and implementation of financial, operations and information systems that maximize performance.


Technical Assistance:  Financial, operations and information systems assistance and training for organizations or groups.


Workflow Analysis:  Documentation of processes, progress or flow of work within a system and the rate at which that happens so that it can be analyzed, evaluated and improved. 

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